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Professional Lessons and Training

Do you struggle with your computer, tablet or phone?

We have a simple step by step solution to help you go from beginner to confident in no time at all.

If you are only interested in one or two things like, emails or ordering prescriptions online, not a problem, we can teach you just that. 

If you would like to improve or learn a new skill – taking a course is easier and more fun than learning from a text book. Face to face learning has many benefits which include but not limited to building on social and communication skills, life skills which gets the learner motivated and involved keeping isolation at bay. 

Courses may be delivered at your home in a fun, informal and uncomplicated way designed to build confidence and encourage further explorations and development of computer and internet skills.


Our courses offer differentiation to meet the needs for all learners with learning difficulties, special needs and disabilities, however, it is especially relevant for seniors who grew up in a world before computers were everywhere.

We have a huge amount of experience delivering training and educational courses, so you’ll be emailing, searching, blogging, shopping, banking, ordering prescriptions, Skyping and more.

We will also adjust your Lessons / tutoring to help you set-up and personalise any devices you may have. Tell us what you would like to achieve, perhaps with your new PC/laptop, tablet, phone or software, and we’ll help you achieve it.


How to use technology to improve your lives


Training on day-to-day usage

We have a number of options for you to choose from.




Lessons include

  • Tablet & Smart Phone Setup & Lessons
  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Booking Online Appointments
  • Ordering Prescriptions
  • Managing and Filling in online forms
  • Online Shopping
  • Video Calling
  • WhatsApp
  • Storing and managing your pictures and important documents online, which keeps your valued memories and documents safe.
  • Personal Computer Lessons
  • Introduction to the Internet 
  • Introduction to Email 
  • Finding Information Online 
  • Internet Security and Safety 
  • Introduction to the Cloud 
  • Writing with Microsoft Word 
  • Getting organised with Excel 
  • Organising Photos 
  • Microsoft Office
  • and much much more ..

Group Workshops

  • Scams Prevention Workshop
  • Digital Skills Workshop


Lesson Prices

Simply priced. Our Basic Lesson price is only £30 per hour.

As a guide, most lessons take between 1 – 3 hours.

When contacting us, please provide as much information about the help you require, so we can arrange a personal lesson to suit your needs.


 We accept cash, bank transfer or cards.